69  (Later Series)     Dutch jugs.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded) although there is some similarity to Early Series 173  and 500 Series 513.
There were also two other 'Dutch jug' shapes for which no numbered example is recorded  - see below.

Later Series 69 came in three sizes; 69-s, 69-L, and 69-M (the 'M' here denoting Medium size, not its usual meaning of applied decoration). They were apparently sold as a set of three. One 69-L jug is recorded with the price pencilled on the base;"Set 3, 29/- "  (ie 29 shillings)


Small & Large sizes, heights; 8.2 and 11.4 cm.
Tyabb Packing House, Vic.
Base incised Remued

Un-numbered shape
These jugs have a similar size range to Later Series 69 but a somewhat different shape. Nearly all are unsigned and every recorded example is un-numbered. (Do you have a numbered piece? - contact us!)
Typical Later Series glazes. The 1948 advertisement below places them firmly in the Later Series period, post-war, yet nowhere do they appear in the Later Series shape books.

Medium size, height; 10 - 10.5 cm.

Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Bases incised  69-L;  69-M;  69-s.
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Bases incised  69;  69;  69-s  ('L' and 'M' suffixes missing).

These panels both come from shape book 'B'. One is numbered 69, the other comes between the entries for 70 and 71 and shows no number. Most dimensions - although not all - are the same in both.
It is tempting to suggest that the second panel might represent the un-numbered shape shown below. That shape doesn't match the sketch though, and most likely the sketch merely indicates a slight change in specifications for Later Series 69.
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Base unmarked
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Bases unmarked.

Cleveland Collectibles, Ashwood, Vic.
Base incised 69-M
Southern Antique Centre, Kogarah NSW
Base incised 69-s
69-L, 69-M, 69-s
   Heights ; 69-L 10.6 - 11.5 cm;   69-M 9.3 - 10.4 cm;   69-s  8.4 - 9.1 cm.

Trudy Viles, from trove.nla.gov.au
Advertisement for the set of three from the 'Sydney Morning Herald', October 1948.
Another advertisement (July 1948) lists separate prices for individual sizes.

Pombo Mart, Pomborneit North, Vic.
Base incised 69-L
Collection;  Stuart Lawson
            Base unmarked

Three different 'Dutch jug' shapes.
The first is Later Series 69. The second is the un-numbered shape above. The third however, is a real mystery; they are never found signed or numbered, and their all-over single-colour speckled glazes are not typical of Remued. Nevertheless it is thought that, while not actually Remued, these jugs do have a Remued connection. For a discussion of their origin, and other pieces displaying similar speckled glazes, see the Question-marks and Mysteries page.

Each of these jug shapes came in three sizes.

Collection; 'W'
Image; Meagan Lane
Set of three. Bases unmarked.