6 (Pamela Series)    Small globe-shaped bowl, round mouth, no flare.
Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes it certainly does! -  Early Series 53; Early Series 220;  500 Series 533Later Series 30;   'A' Series / Kerryl A65 L

Height; 7.5 - 8 cm.

Collection; Stuart Lawson                   Cleveland Collectables, Ashwood, Vic.
Bases incised 6 Pamela 1934
      Nicholnack art in pottery
Un-numbered; base incised Pamela 1934.
This piece displays a rare original Pamela sticker, "HANDMADE  Pamela   POTTERY"
A similar piece is recorded with sticker, and numbered, showing that the sticker was in use both before and after the introduction of Pamela numbering.
(For a clearer example of the Pamela sticker see Pamela Series 1)
Incised 6 Pamela
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