53  (Early Series, PPP and Remued)    Globe-shaped bowls, round mouth, no flare.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Pamela Series 6; 500 Series 533Later Series 30;  'A' Series /Kerryl A65 L.
Curiously, it also appears again in the Early Series at Early Series 220.

Four size variants are recorded, numbered; 53 & 53 s53 L; 53 x; and 53/3. 
At first there were only two sizes, both PPP, numbered 53 and 53 L. There are also un-numbered examples.
After PPP ceased in 1934, the range expanded with more variants, more suffixes and the Remued name.

Height;  7.5 - 8.5 cm
53 X
Why 53 'X' ?  Here's a hypothesis.......When the Pamela Series was discontinued in 1934, many of its shapes were absorbed into the Early Series and were allocated Early Series numbers as the numbering rose rapidly from about 140 to 200. In the case of the Pamela no.6 bowl however, there was already a similar bowl at Early Series 53.  Rather than allocate a new number the Pamela bowl was slotted in at number 53, and called 53 X to distinguish it from the pre-existing 53. (In the shape book entry below it was first written '53 M' then over-written as 'X'.) Examples are recorded dated 1934.
53 s
Most examples have twig-handles.
Collection;  Cathie Muller
Collection;  Stuart Lawson

53 XM
Height; 9 - 10 cm, diameter 15 - 17cm.   Not as tall as 53 s despite the 'L' (Large) suffix.
53 L
Huge twig-handle!
Eric Smith
            No twig-handle.
No stamp or signature.
Incised  53 L.

Nicholnack art in pottery
53 LM
Incised 53 LM   Remued   Hand made 1934
This piece, and several 53 X  and 53/3 pieces as well, have base inscriptions with a number and a date (1934). Such inscriptions are  rare and of great value in piecing together the history of the Remued range. If you have any Remued piece with a shape number and a date we'd be delighted to hear from you. Contact us.
   Norman Collection
The inside of the hole is glazed, so the hole was definitely made at the pottery not a later modification.

53 sM
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shopatnortham, Northam WA
Isabella House, NW Vic.
Collection; A.McGowan
Collection; Philip DeGruchy
53 LX  (?)
No example is recorded. Catalogued and discussed at Early Series 197 which appears to be an alternative number.  The shape book shows a square mouth and dimples like Pamela Series 14.

     Collection; Billy Allan
Bases stamped PPP, incised 53.
Norman Collection
No stamp or signature.
Base incised 53.

Height;  6 - 7.5 cm.    This is the last-introduced variety of Early Series 53, and the most commonly found.
The twig-handled version is uncommon and no example is recorded with gumleaves or grapevine.

Shape book 'PPP'
This is a very early shape book and most entries show PPP shapes.
Here, 53 X and 53/3 appear to have been inserted afterwards.
Shape book 'E'
A later shape-book
53 s;  Lamp-base version
A rare variant of the 53s bowl designed to be used as a lamp base. The body of the bowl has a hole for an electric cord to pass through. How such a wide mouth could accommodate an electric globe was a mystery until an intact example emerged, complete with wire socket-holder.
For other lamps derived from 'non-lamp' shapes click here.
The purpose-made wire frame fits into the bowl.
In use the frame would be hidden under a lampshade.

Height;  10 - 12 cm.
Collection; Coby Clauser
Incised 53 L, stamped PPP