103  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)   Onion-shaped vase, no flare.

Does this shape appear in other numbering series?  No -  (none recorded), but similar un-numbered Remued examples are known.

Height; 9 - 10.5 cm

Un-numbered, incised Remued

Norman Collection
Norman Collection

Incised Remued 103

Collection; Brian Tonkin
Other un-numbered pieces include
Stamped PPP, incised 103

No PPP stamp. Incised 103
103  (Early Series)    Short chamberstick with lip, dished base.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded).

Diameter; 10 cm
Blue piece at left, incised 103. It is the only numbered example recorded.
Pink and green pieces, both un-numbered, bases unmarked.
None of these has a stamp or signature.

103  (Early Series)  TWO SHAPES
The onion-shaped vase below began production as PPP then continued as Remued after the PPP name was discontinued in 1934. The same number also appears on a single example of a chamberstick shape. Given the very short time during which PPP pieces were being allocated numbers, it seems unlikely that the chamberstick pre-dated the onion vase yet its glaze looks very early, more suggestive of PPP.