151  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)    Squat bulbous pots, double bulge, small flared lip.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Pamela Series 19.  There are also un-numbered examples - PPP, Remued and unmarked - in varying sizes.  Early Series 152 is similar but with a three-bulge shape.

There are two numbered sizes. The small size is 151 s; the large size 151 L, but there are examples of both incised just 151. Both sizes come with and without twig-handles. Gumleaf decoration is recorded in the large size but not the small. Examples of the large size are recorded stamped PPP, making 151 the highest number yet recorded with both a PPP stamp and an incised number.

151 L
Height; 12 - 14 cm.
Grange Antiques, Latrobe, Tas.

151 M
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery 1978.58

Collection; John Fortuna
Left; un-numbered, incised Remued.  Centre & right; 151 s Remued.
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The shape changed during the course of the Early Series.
At first it was more squat, with a pronounced indentation giving a clear double bulge (left); later it became more spherical and the double bulge almost disappeared.
Norman Collection
Older shape (left) and later shape (right).        
Both incised 151 s  Remued.        
Shape book 'E'

Graham Lancaster Auctions
Height;  7.5 - 9 cm.
151 s
Collection; 'W'
Stamped PPP, incised 151.
Incised 151  Remued.
151 LM
Collection; 'W'
Later shape
   Collection; 'W'
Similar shape but smaller.
Height; 6.5 cm.
Base unmarked
Moorabool Antiques, Geelong Vic.
Leski Auctions