185  (Early Series)    Wide jug.
Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded in image database)
It is found with an unusually wide variety of handle styles.

Height;  10.5 - 12 cm


Norman Collection
185 M
Collection; Brenton Roneberg
Shape book 'E'

The same dimensions with a similar sketch also appear in shape book 'C', which is older than book 'E'. Above that entry however, faint and crossed-out, is another set of dimensions with no sketch, as follows;
  H  4 5/8
  T  4
  W  5 1/4    1 lb 4 oz
These raise the possibility that there was an earlier 185 shape, as yet undiscovered. (Alternatively it may just represent an initial concept for the 185 jug, subsequently revised.)