193 (Early Series)    Plump vases, wavy flared lip.

Does this shape appear in other series?  -  Yes, Later Series 28.  Also 'A' Series / Kerryl A100 according to the shape book but there is no example in the image database. 
There are also early examples pre-dating the numbering systems, and commemorative pieces from 1934.
Three size variants are recorded, marked s, L and inch suffix 8.

Height; 10 - 11 cm
193 s

Height; 12.5 - 13.5 cm.
193 L
193 sM
Philips Auctions
193 LM
Height; 20 - 21 cm.

Collection: Shepparton Art Gallery
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Collection; remueddude
Un-numbered. Base incised Remued 1934
Un-numbered. Turned foot, base incised Remued

Shape book 'C', from which this is taken, dates from very early in the Early Series period.
It shows 193 L as 193/5, and 193 s as 193/4. No example, however, is recorded with these inch suffixes; only s and L

It would appear that 193/8 had not yet been introduced.
Same shape, but base incised 4. Several such examples are recorded so it doesn't seem to be just a stray numbering mistake. (But mistakes did happen - click here).

Collection; Terry Cheetham
Collection; Brenton Roneberg
Un-numbered. Like 193 but
with a ridged band at the throat.
Base incised A.James 1935 Melbourne
Height 11 cm.

Nicholnack art in pottery
Scammells Auctions