341  (Early Series)     TWO SHAPES
Presumably the number was re-allocated to the fan vase some time after the bookends ceased production. For the kangaroo bookends identification of the incised number is less than 100% certain.

Leonard Joel
It can be seen that these bookends comprise two half-kangaroos. Both pictures show the same pair, the sole example so far recorded.  A similar treatment of koala bookends appears as Early Series 337.
Attributed to John Castle-Harris.

341 (Early Series)    Fan vase, wavy lip, with foot.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded in image database).
There is some confusion in sizes and suffixes.

The foot may be round, or cut straight-sided or diamond-shaped.
Decorated versions of this same shape are recorded signed by Una Deerbon, and by John Castle-Harris, both of whom are known to have frequented Premier Pottery. Some of theirs were apparently glazed at Premier, some not.

Base incised  Remued 341 M  Hand Made
Base incised  Remued  341 LM

Base incised  Remued  341/7
Canberra Antiques Centre, Fyshwick ACT
Base incised Remued 341 LM.
Foot straight-sided with rounded ends.

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Height; 12 - 15 cm. These examples are all about the same size despite their inconsistent size suffixes.

Two Little Pigs,
Wonthaggi, Vic.
341 sM
Norman Collection
Norman Collection
Incised Remued 341 L. Foot diamond-shaped.

Early Series numbering seems to have stalled at about 341. After number 341 a long gap appears.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts

341 (?)  (Early Series)    Kangaroo bookends.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No.
The '1' in the number is unclear - 34 perhaps?

Height; 16.5 cm.

Height;  9 -  9.5 cm.
341 s

Trudy Viles, from trove.nla.gov.au
From an advertisement by Edments store in the 'West Australian', July 1939.

Bases incised 341LM (rear) and 341/s (front)