69  (Early Series)    Flat-bottomed basket, wavy lip.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded)
It's not known whether many of these were ever made, but the handle looks so fragile that surely not many can have survived. They are rare.

Dimensions; height to top of handle 10-12cm; to lip of dish 6 cm; diameter 18-20cm;

Shape book 'E'

69  (Early Series; PPP)    Cream jug and sugar-bowl

Do these shapes appear in other series? 
*  Jug - no (none recorded).
*  Bowl - no (none recorded), but another very similar bowl is recorded numbered Early Series / PPP 67.   ( Perhaps the two bowls are identical? - only one numbered example of each is recorded, more are needed to be able to tell.)

Dimensions;  jug 7.5 cm high; bowl 6 cm.
Shape book 'PPP'

Collection; Hannah Tennant Keel
The shape book has no sketch, but there is a surviving illustration in a sales brochure of wholesale agents F.R.Barlow & Sons Pty. Ltd.

Base stamped PPP, incised 69.
A very similar shape is also recorded at Early Series 67.
Matching set, both un-numbered, stamped PPP
'Motto' on reverse; "Have some sugar" and "Take a little cream".
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Collection; 'W'
Base stamped PPP, incised 69.
69  (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES
: This is one of those Early Series numbers that was assigned twice, first to a PPP jug and sugarbowl set, and then some time after PPP was discontinued in 1934, to a Remued basket.