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A99  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    TWO SHAPES
: Some confusion creeps into 'A' Series numbering at about this point. The shape book has extra entries for each of A99 and A100, then from A101 onward each number re-appears later in the book with a different shape. 

Collection; Stan & Maria Koba

The People's Potteries
     Incised A99 H/4

Kerryl in later years made more urns, in a range of sizes.
Not 'A' Series.  Un-numbered
Bases marked Kerryl Melbourne.

       More here.

Collection; Stuart Lawson
A99  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Campana-shaped urns, square foot.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, but the largest is somewhat similar to 'A' Series / Kerryl A100.
Kerryl also produced other urn shapes in later years, not numbered.
Three sizes are recorded. The smaller sizes have inch suffixes 4 and 6. The largest has no size suffix although most examples have the suffix 'H' for Handles.

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       Height; 17-18 cm.
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba
Base incised A99-6
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba
Un-numbered. Kerryl sticker.

Robert Bridgman
Incised A99H/
Robert Bridgman
Bases incised A99-4
Robert Bridgman
Bases incised A99-6/
Robert Bridgman
Incised A99H/
Robert Bridgman
A99 and A99H   Large urns.
    Height; 22.5 - 23 cm. 

A replica of a shape originally by the big English firm Shorter and Son, although lacking its handle or having a new handle shape - see below.
Pieces with handles generally display the suffix 'H' for Handle. Although a few Remued Later Series pieces are found with an 'H' suffix this is its only recorded use in the 'A' Series. (For a general account of prefix and suffix meanings click here.)

A99    Large fan vase.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Not exactly - Later Series 57-L is similar but A99 appears to have a more prominent foot; a larger version of A87 perhaps.

Known only from this shape-book sketch. No example is recorded.
Height; from shape book, about 28 cm.
       Robert Bridgman
A variant with handles. No incised number but written on the base is A99H/1
       Height; 9 cm.
Stamped Shorter & Son Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Height; 28 - 30 cm.
Braemore sticker.
Base embossed 44 LS.
Height; 24 - 26 cm.
Although height measurements are often imprecise, the reported heights here do give a basis for guesswork about who copied what. Clay shrinks on drying, so a vase cast in a mould becomes smaller than its mould. The Shorter & Son urn is variously reported as 28 - 30 cm tall, Braemore 24 - 26 cm and Kerryl 22 - 23 cm. If correct, these measurements suggest that Braemore in Australia made their mould from an imported original Shorter & Son urn, applying handles of a different shape, and Kerryl in turn made their mould from a Braemore urn, again applying their own handle shape.

Shorter & Son made different versions including a smaller one about 18 cm high. Braemore copied that too, their number 44ss. Kerryl's A99-6 (above) may also have been a copy, or alternatively it may be speculated that  'A' Series / Kerryl 112, "Urn, small" may have been a copy but no example of that is recorded and its size and precise shape are unknown.
Robert Bridgman
No handles. Bases incised A99/  (no 'H')
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba