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A99  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    TWO SHAPES
: Some confusion creeps into 'A' Series numbering at about this point. The shape book has two entries for each of A99 and A100, then from A101 onward each number re-appears later in the book with a different shape. 

Collection; Stan & Maria Koba

The People's Potteries
     Incised A99 H/4

Kerryl in later years made more urns, in a range of sizes.
Not 'A' Series.  Un-numbered
Bases marked Kerryl Melbourne.

       More here.

Collection; Stuart Lawson
A99  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Campana-shaped urns, square foot.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, but the largest is somewhat similar to 'A' Series / Kerryl A100.
Kerryl also produced other urn shapes in later years, not numbered.
Three sizes are recorded. The smaller sizes have inch suffixes 4 and 6. The largest has no size suffix although most examples have the suffix 'H' for Handles.

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       Height; 17-18 cm.
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba
Base incised A99-6
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba
Un-numbered. Kerryl sticker.

Robert Bridgman
Incised A99H/
Robert Bridgman
Bases incised A99-4
Robert Bridgman
Bases incised A99-6/
Robert Bridgman
Incised A99H/
Robert Bridgman
A99 and A99H   Large urns.
    Height; 22.5 - 23 cm. 

A replica of a shape originally by the big English firm Shorter and Son, but with its handle modified or omitted.
Examples with handles generally display the suffix 'H' for Handle. Although some Remued Later Series pieces are found with an 'H' suffix this is its only recorded use in the 'A' Series. (For a general account of prefix and suffix meanings click here.)

A99    Large fan vase.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Not exactly - Later Series 57-L is similar but A99 appears to have a more prominent foot; a larger version of A87 perhaps.

Known only from this shape-book sketch. No example is recorded.
Height; from shape book, about 28 cm.
       Robert Bridgman
A variant with handles. Number on the base is written not incised; A99H/1 (no '-6')
       Height; 9 cm.
Stamped Shorter & Son Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Height; 28 - 30 cm.
Braemore sticker.
Base embossed 44 LS.
Height; 24 - 26 cm.
Although height measurements are often imprecise, the reported heights here do give a basis for guesswork about who copied what. Clay shrinks on drying, so a vase cast in a mould becomes smaller than its mould. The Shorter & Son urn is variously reported as 28 - 30 cm tall, Braemore 24 - 26 cm and Kerryl 22 - 23 cm. If correct, these measurements suggest that Braemore in Australia made their mould from an imported original Shorter & Son urn, applying handles of a different shape, and Kerryl in turn made their mould from a Braemore urn, again applying their own handle shape.

Shorter & Son made different versions including a smaller one about 18 cm high. Braemore copied that too, their number 44ss. Kerryl's A99-6 (above) may also have been a copy, or alternatively it may be speculated that  'A' Series / Kerryl 112, "Urn, small" may have been a copy but no example of that is recorded and its size and precise shape are unknown.
Robert Bridgman
No handles. Bases incised A99/  (no 'H')
Collection; Stan & Maria Koba
   Base incised A99-6/4
('4' denotes the glaze style)
Bases incised A99-4/