Some Kerryl products after the 'A' Series.
How long the 'A' Series remained in production is uncertain - probably until the early sixties. Kerryl Pottery however continued until about 1980-81. Allan James was still working on the day he died in 1979.

During the sixties and seventies the public's tastes in pottery changed and the Remued and Remued-like shapes common in the 'A' Series became a thing of the past. This page illustrates just a few of the later products. Most are un-numbered, although early in the period - probably overlapping with the 'A' Series - there were other numbering series prefixed 'M' and 'B'. There were also some other very small numbering series, notably ashtrays prefixed 'A/T'' and confusingly, some later pieces again using the prefixe 'A' !

Curiously, these canisters are inscribed A5, A6 & A7, although their style places them in the 1970s, well after the 'A' Series had ended. Other 1970s-style pieces are also recorded with 'A' inscriptions; see here.

Height 7.5 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Height 16 & 12.5 cm
       Height 11 cm

Height 8 cm
   M5 square ramekin.  Height 5.5 cm. The most commonly found 'M' Series shape.
Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Trough vase, base incised B10/6. 

Height 20 cm, incised B11.
A replica of a shape made by both Diana and Pates.

  Collection; Stuart Lawson
Campana-shaped urns came in a range of sizes; these are small (see also A71 , A99 and A100)
A small selection of the many souvenir and promotional mugs and beer tankards;
'Salzburg Lodge'
'Old Mill, Hahndorf SA'

'Sandown Park Hotel, Mini Bier Fest, 1978'
Kerryl pieces are not normally dated but sometimes the event gives the date.
'Home Pride Poultry'

Height 26 cm
Collection; Chris Dean                                         Shape book 'A' (back)
          M17 ramekin, height 5cm. (See 'A' Series A2)
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Large ashtrays
Michel Collet
Diameter; 15.5 cm.
    Matthew Wood

For more Kerryl ashtrays see here.

Shape book 'A' (back)
Shape book 'A' (back)
M30 Leaf dish. For comparison see Early Series 336
'B' Series
Another early Kerryl numbering series that included some Remued shapes as well as slip-cast shapes.
Collection; Brenton Roneberg
               Incised B3/6. Height; 16 cm.
Same shape as Remued Later Series 183 and Kerryl 'A' Series A106
  Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Incised B4. Height 22 cm.

Jugs & Teapots
Robert Bridgman
Height 9.2 cm. Base incised B9
Collection; E.E.Macdonald
  Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Base incised B2. Height 17 cm.
Robert Bridgman
M10 sugarbowl, height 5.6 cm; & jug, height 7 cm.
Robert Bridgman
    Incised B17/1
      Allan & Myrtle James collection
Kerryl made numerous pieces for the Hofbräuhaus restaurant in Melbourne. This covered dish - perhaps a presentation piece - is inscribed

Allan & Myrtle James collection
Incised B7/8. Height 20 cm
  Allan & Myrtle James collection
A Kerryl plaque or 'shelf talker' for retail display.
The stylised 'KP' insignia was designed by Kerry James.
Collection; Franky
'Park Towers'
Cups and Saucers
   Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Bases unmarked. Cups 5.5 cm high, plates 14.2 cm diameter.
Collection; Geoff Bobbitt
Bases incised Kerryl Melbourne
Cup 6.8 cm high, saucer 13.4 cm diameter.
Geoff Bobbitt worked for Allan James at Kerryl Pottery as a young man in the early 1970s. He worked on the jigger machine and quite likely made this saucer.
A jigger is for the mass production of flatware - saucers, plates etc - and is like a potters wheel except the clay is formed in a plaster mould.
(Thanks to Geoff for this contribution!)

Brearly collection
M15 condiment set.
Dish 12 cm diameter.
Height; 14 cm. Drain-hole in base.
Base incised Kerryl  p1/M. Nothing is known about this form of numbering.
Robert Bridgman
'M' Series
Apparently introduced while 'A' Series was still current. In a shape book, the 'A' Series is followed by the 'M' Series which ranges from M1 to M30.  Most examples recorded to date feature black glaze and are signed Kerryl.

   Collection; Dimitri Dimitriadis       Collection; Dylan Soong
Height; 23 cm. Bases incised Kerryl and numbered 701 (left) and 222 (right). Nothing is known about this form of numbering - perhaps sequential?.
Collection; Leanne Cusack
Height; 6 cm. Base incised B1.
M7 mugs. Height 8 cm.