119  (Early Series)     Jugs with high lip
Does this shape appear in other series?  No -  (none recorded in image database), but there are early un-numbered examples of the smaller size, including PPP.
Two size variants are recorded; 119 and 119/8.  Both appear to be a cut-off version of the equivalent Early Series 118 shape.
119 x  (Early Series)     Small creamer jug.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Pamela Series 4Later Series 21.  No recorded example of this shape has applied decoration.

Height; 7.5 - 9 cm

119 M
This was a popular design, probably the most plentiful of all Remued gumleaf-decorated pieces.
The non-veined gumleaves are earlier than the veined version.
(See Gregory Hill's article in the 'Gumnuts & Glazes' exhibition catalogue.)
An anomalous example;
incised just 119 (no 'M')
       Height; 20 - 20.5 cm.  Note the variation in handle style.
Collection; A.McGowan


119  (Early Series)     TWO SHAPES
: This Early Series number has two shapes but it doesn't appear to be the usual situation where a second shape superseded the first.  Rather, it seems that both shapes were in production at the same time, the suffix 'X' being applied  to distinguish one from the other.
Why 119 'X' ? It is a cut-down version of the 119 shape, but even so - how did there come to be two shapes both numbered 119?
Here's a hypothesis.......After the Pamela Series was discontinued in 1934, many of its shapes were absorbed into the Remued Early Series and were allocated Early Series numbers as the numbering rose rapidly from about 140 to 200. In the case of this small jug however, there was already a somewhat similar small Remued jug at Early Series 119.  Rather than assign a new number the Pamela 4 jug was slotted in with number 119 and called 119 X to distinguish it from the pre-existing 119.
Shape book 'E'

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Collection; Stuart Lawson
Un-numbered, stamped PPP
Height; 10 cm

Cleveland Collectables, Ashwood, Vic.
Norman Collection
Base incisions, L-RRemued 1934;  Remued;  119x Remued;  4 Pamela 1934.
   Height; 10 - 12 cm.  Undecorated examples are relatively rare and usually un-numbered.
Kendon Collection
Very early. Bases incised 119.
Glazes suggest PPP although not stamped.

Nicholnack art in pottery
Nicholnack art in pottery
Un-numbered, base unmarked.
Height; 10 cm.

Collection; 'W'