123  (Early Series)    Vase with shoulder, small collar mouth.
No example is recorded. Known only from this shape-book sketch.
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The sketch however resembles Early Series 132. Could 123 perhaps be a mistaken entry?

Height; from shape book, 5 inches (12.5 cm)

Shape book 'C'
123  (Early Series)     TWO SHAPES (?)
An earlier PPP shape appears to have been replaced by a Remued shape, although no example of the Remued shape is yet recorded.

123  (Early Series; PPP)    Double-gourd vase with two handles.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded).

Height;  15 cm.
Incised 123.
No stamp or signature but considered to be PPP.
This is the only numbered example recorded.

Collection; Michael Lovell

Collection; Terry Cheetham
Base stamped PPP
A shape variant. Height; 14 - 14.5 cm.
Bases; unmarked (left); stamped PPP (right).

Un-numbered examples