124  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)   Globular or 2-cone vase with
narrowed straight collar

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - the smaller size appears as Later Series 46, and Early Series examples are also recorded, un-numbered, as PPP and Remued. There is a jug version of this shape, Early Series 192.
Early Series 150 is somewhat similar.

Two sizes are recorded. There is some confusion regarding suffixes and too few examples to resolve the confusion. The larger recorded size (18-19cm) is earlier, PPP, and incised just 124, no suffix. The smaller pieces are Remued, incised 124 and 124s.  No 124L is yet recorded but the existence of an s suffix suggests that an L version may have existed.

Nicholnack art in pottery
Incised Remued.

Height; 15.5 - 16 cm

Stamped PPP, incised 124
Incised Remued 124s
Incised Remued  124
Stamped PPP
Height; 18 - 19 cm
Collection; Robin Bishop
Un-numbered, base unmarked.
Height; 19 cm.

EK Collection
Incised 124, no stamp.