192  (Early Series)   Two-cone jug with narrowed throat and flared lip.
Does this shape appear in other series? No - (none recorded in image database) but there are earlier un-numbered examples.

A shape book entry shows two sizes, large and small. Only the smaller size is recorded and its inscriptions vary.
Every example so far recorded has gumleaf decoration but not all have the 'M' suffix.

There is also a vase version (ie non-jug), Early Series 124.

Un-numbered.  This example has a turned foot; the numbered pieces above have a flat base.

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       Leonard Joel
A very early piece, un-numbered. Vertical striations, early pattern handle, and a small koala nestling at the base of the handle.
192 L
     Height; from shape book, about 19 - 20 cm.
No numbered example is recorded in the image database.

Shape book 'C'

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Incised 192 s Remued
(no 'M')
Youngs Auctions
Incised Remued 192 M
(no 's')
Incised 192 sM Remued Hand Made
Collectors Path Pottery, Ashwood Vic
Incised 192 Remued
(no 's' and no 'M')
192 sM
     Height; 16 - 18 cm.
Un-numbered, unsigned Height; 15 cm.
Clearly later than any other piece shown here; perhaps actually a jug version of Later Series 46?
   Mossgreen; The Marvin Hurnall Collection
Un-numbered. Very early, pre-numbering.
Height; 20 cm, which matches 192 L