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187  (Early Series)   Cigarette holder and ash tray.

No numbered example is recorded.
Do these shapes appear in other series?  Holder - no (none recorded).  Ashtray - don't know.
Another 'Ashtray and Holder' set is recorded at Early Series 219 and Later Series 55.

Dimensions;   Ashtray, unknown. Holder, height 5 - 6 cm.

Shape book 'C'
Un-numbered examples
Bases incised Remued. Believed to be the shape of the Early Series 187 cigarette holder.
The 187 ashtray is unknown. Several un-numbered ashtray shapes are recorded however; click here.
Isabella House, NW Vic.
     Height; 5 cm.

Collection; Steve Lawrence
Height;  5.4 - 5.7 cm