190  (Early Series)    Two-bulge jugs.
Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded).
There were two sizes, labelled  just 'small' and 'large' in a shape-book entry. 
The large size is rare and most examples are very early, pre-numbering.

Un-numbered very early small-size examples pre-dating Early Series numbering.
Right-hand jug incised Remued, the other two with no base markings.
A Joy Forever Antiques,
Brighton  Vic.
Norman Collection

190 LM
   Height; 23 cm.  The only numbered example recorded.

Un-numbered; very early pieces, like 190 L but pre-dating Early Series numbering.

Heights;  left 21.5 cm.
centre 24 cm.
right 20.5 cm.
Leonard Joel
Norman Collection
With numbered small example

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Shape book 'C'

Collection; Jeremy Zarifopoulos
Image; Mossgreen
Base incised 190LM  Remued

       Height; 8.5 - 10 cm. All incised Remued 190 (no 'S' suffix for Small)