191 (Early Series)    Plump baluster-shaped vases, wide flared mouth.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded in image database).

Three size variants are recorded, the smallest suffixed 's'; the middle one with inch suffix 8; and the largest with 'L' or inch suffix 10.

       Height;  20.5 - 22 cm.
Roy & Auli Maybury
Height; 26 - 27 cm.
The largest size is found with two different size suffixes;  'L' for Large, and '10' for 10 inch.

191 L

shopatnortham, Northam WA
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Norman Collection

191 (Early Series)    A mystery.
Known only from this faint shape-book entry. No example is recorded.
A squat cylindrical bowl or beaker perhaps? 
Height; from shape book,  9 - 10 cm.

Shape book 'C'

Collection; Daniel Duda

Collection; Gwenda Hermanns
Unusual scalloped lip .This is the only example recorded with such a feature.
Mentone Beach Antique Centre, Mentone Vic.
Image; www.antiquesplus.com.au
Youngs Auctions
191 (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES (?)
The 191 vase is a well-established shape number, but according to a shape book fragment there was an earlier shape numbered 191 too, probably short-lived. We can only guess what it was.

     Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
A remarkable pierced piece - almost certainly a 'one-off'. Pierced work such as this never featured in Premier's mainstream commercial output.
For more one-offs, including pierced work, click here.
Leonard Joel
191 s
   Height;  15 - 16.5 cm.

Raffan Kelaher & Thomas
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191LM?- possibly existed but not yet recorded.
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