54  (Early Series, PPP and Remued)    Jugs.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, not exactly -  54 L is similar to Early Series 133 / Later Series 56, but wider.

This is a shape that began as PPP and continued on as Remued when the PPP name was discontinued in 1934.

Three size variants are recorded; 54;  54/8; and 54/10 or 54 L. The smallest (54 or 54 s - see shape book below) is recorded only as PPP.  54/8 is recorded only as Remued. The largest size is recorded as 54/10 (PPP only) or 54 L (Remued only).

Height; 11 - 11.5 cm.   Stamped PPP.


54 L  Incised Remued
54 LM
Cleveland Collectables

Nicholnack art in pottery
Bases stamped with PPP monogram, incised 54

  Leonard Joel
Early smooth gumleaves
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Leonard Joel
Early un-numbered example

Collection; Lois Mecklenburgh
Jason Leitch
Unmarked, un-numbered. Height 12.5 cm.
Nicholnack art in pottery
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts

This very early shape book shows the plain 54 size as 54/s but no example marked 54/s is recorded.
In a later shape book (Book 'E') 54/s does not appear.
It can be seen that the 54/8 size here was first written 54/M then overwritten with an '8'.
54/10 is not shown. It appears as 54 L only.

Shape book 'PPP'
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Northumberland Antiques,
Terrigal  NSW
Un-numbered, base incised Remued 1933.
Height 24 cm.

Northumberland Antiques,
Terrigal  NSW
Image; carters.com.au
Un-numbered, stamped (faint) Premier Pottery, Oakover Road, Preston.
Height; 25 cm.

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Collection; 'W'
Height;  20 - 22 cm.  Incised Remued.
Height; 24 - 26.5 cm. 
   Brearley collection
Stamped PPP, incised 54/10
The only recorded numbered example.
Advertisement from
the 'Weekly Times'  (Melbourne)
28 November 1936.

  Trudy Viles,
  from trove.nla.gov.au

Leski Auctions
Later veined gumleaves