79  (Early Series; PPP)    Cylindrical jugs.

Many examples of these jugs are recorded but only a single example has been found so far with an incised number.

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - Later Series 145, but no numbered example at all has been found of that yet.
Apart from this single example incised 79, every jug of this cylindrical shape is either unmarked, or just stamped PPP. None is incised Remued although some clearly post-date the PPP era (and possibly even the Remued era? - see the Question-marks & Mysteries page).

The shape book shows three sizes, suffixed S (about 12 cm tall); M (about 13 cm); and L (about 15 cm).
The 'M' here denotes Medium size rather than the presence of gumleaves. No example is recorded with applied gumleaves or the like.

No sketch.

Shape book 'PPP'

    Base incised 79, stamped PPP.
    Height; 15 cm.
    The height corresponds to 79/L but no 'L' is marked.

Collection;  Remueddude

More un-numbered examples.

Base stamped PPP.
Height; 15 cm, matching 79/L.

Base stamped PPP.
Height; 11.5 cm, matching 79/s.
Base stamped PPP.
Height; 13 cm, matching 79/M.
Base stamped PPP (left) and unmarked (right).
Heights; 15 & 11.5 cm, matching 79/L & 79/s.

Collection; Brendan Pitcher
Base stamped PPP and R. Hawkins
Height; 12.5 cm

Part of an ad by Zimpel's store in the 'West Australian', from late 1932. Three sizes sold together as a set.
Zimpel's advertised other PPP shapes as well.

  Trudy Viles, from trove.nla.gov.au
Height; tallest 13.6 cm, shortest 11.0 cm.
Bases un-numbered, PPP painted not stamped.