145  (Later Series)     Cylindrical jugs.

No numbered example is recorded. The pictures show what are thought to be Later Series 145 jugs but all are unsigned and un-numbered.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Early Series 79.

The shape book shows three sizes, suffixed S (about 12 cm tall); M (about 13 cm); and L (about 15 cm). The 'M' here denotes Medium size, rather than the presence of applied decoration which is its usual meaning.

Tyabb Packing House, Vic.
Size matches 145-s.

The dimensions shown here are identical to those shown for Early Series 79.
The shape book entry for Early Series 79 does not include a sketch as here, but - unlike here - a numbered example does exist. Only one solitary numbered example amongst the many un-numbered pieces, but it lets us confidently conclude that Later Series 145 and Early Series 79 are indeed the same shape.

Shape book 'A'

Un-numbered examples

Every recorded example of the shape is un-numbered and none has a Remued signature or authentic sticker. It is possible that pieces thought to be Later Series 145 could actually be Early Series/PPP 79.  The plainness of the glazes however suggests they are not Early Series.

Speckled glazes
There are examples whose origin is something of a mystery. Their glazes are speckled, usually in blue or Rockingham brown. The base is usually covered in all-over glaze and sometimes shows traces of trivet marks, features not normally associated with Premier. Nevertheless their shape is identical to Remued and it seems reasonable to infer a close connection. Several other shapes, not identical to Remued, are also found with these same glazes - discussed further in Question-marks and Mysteries.
Collection; 'W'
Thought to match Later Series 145-s, 145-M & 145-L respectively, although none is numbered or signed.
Height; 11 cm (matches 145-s)
Glazed base, with a suggestion of trivet marks.
Speckled jug with matching conical beakers. The beaker shape does not appear anywhere in the Remued or Kerryl shape books.