77  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)   Small globe-shaped bowl.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - not in other series, but curiously the same shape - or something very like it - appears in no fewer than three places in the Early Series; here at 77; at 57 (the Remued version); and at one of 98 or 86 (depending on which way up the numbered base is read). Side-by-side images of all three appear below.

The 77 shape began as PPP and carried on as Remued when the PPP name was discontinued in 1934.

Height;  7 - 8.5 cm

Un-numbered, stamped PPP.
Two spiral handles.
No numbered example like this is recorded. If and when one is found it may well turn out to have another number, not 77.

Spiral handles like these are seen on quite a few PPP shapes but almost never on a Remued-signed piece.
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Shape book 'PPP'

   Collection; Joe Terni
No spiral handle. Early Series 77 is the only numbered PPP shape recorded to date both with, and without, a spiral handle
Collection; Sharon Micenko
Remued examples.  No spiral handle.
Stamped PPP, incised 77

Incised 77 Remued.
Other shape-numbers for this shape
As noted above, the same shape or very similar appears at three different places in the Early Series. Each is about the same size. The explanation for this apparent duplication is unknown. Only a single numbered example is recorded for Early Series 98 (or 86) so that might perhaps be just a stray mistake. For both Early Series 77 and Early Series 57, however, several examples are recorded.
Collection 'W'
Stamped PPP, incised 98 (or 86, depending on which way up it is read)

Incised Remued  77
Incised Remued  57