146 (Later Series)    Jugs, bulbous base with long flaring neck

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - .Early Series 118.

There are two size variants, about 5 inches (12.5cm) high, and 8 inches (20cm).
In the shape book these are called 146-s and 146-L but that doesn't always match what is actually seen on the base of the jugs. 

Height;  12.5 - 13 cm
146-s & 146

Shape book 'A'

Height;  20 - 22.5 cm.
146-L, 146-8 & 146  

Bases incised Remued 146-8
Base incised 146 s
Eric Smith
Base incised 146
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Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth. 
Bases incised  Remued 146.
Collection; Stuart Lawson
Base incised Remued 146-L
   Collection; Brian Tonkin
Left; incised 146s.  Height; 12.6 cm.
Right; incised Remued 146. Height; 20.6 cm.