20  (Pamela Series)    Urn-shaped footed vase with flat circumferential band and gumleaf decoration.

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes, Early Series 181
There are also Remued commemorative pieces, un-numbered.

Height; 20 - 22 cm.

Base incised;  Pamela  Hand Made

Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney

Incised  20  Pamela  Hand Made  1934. The Pamela inscription, however, appears to over-write an earlier Remued inscription. This is hard to explain. When the Pamela name was discontinued in 1934, some pieces that had been incised Pamela were overwritten as Remued but here the process seems to take the opposite course. Maybe somebody jumped the gun with a Remued inscription while there was still a back order to be filled that specified Pamela 20.
    EK Collection
Pamela and Remued examples of the same shape.
Left; incised 20 Pamela Hand Made 1934.
Right; un-numbered, incised Remued.