Some are signed Remued, some are signed Pamela and others are unsigned. Rare painted examples are sometimes signed PPP. Souvenir pieces almost always lacked an incised shape number, although some of the same shapes do appear in non-souvenir form with numbers. A limited range of shapes was used.

Commemorative jugs generally had their handles aligned vertically, not skewed as on most Remued jugs.

Plump vase, wavy flared lip

These correspond in shape to Early Series 193 L although their flare is a little less pronounced.

Height;  12 - 13 cm.

Conic jug with flaring top

This shape is Early Series 48 but examples commemorating the 1934 Victoria centenary are all recorded un-numbered.
Height;  14 - 15 cm.

Collection; John Stephens
Both inscribed 'Batman'. On reverse; "Souvenir of Melbourne'.  Bases incised Pamela
Inscribed 'Henty'. On reverse; 'Portland 1834-1934'. Base incised Pamela Hand Made
  Norman Collection
These later examples, commemorating the 1936 accession of King Edward VIII, are all signed Remued, the Pamela name being by then defunct. Inscribed 'Edward VIII'
With and without military cap. They are the only commemorative items (of any shape)
so far recorded with a shape number incised; Early Series 48 .

Jug, plump barrel-shaped body with flaring lip.

This shape appears to be Early Series 201 judging by a shape-book entry, but every recorded example is un-numbered.

Height; 12 - 12.5 cm.

Inscribed 'Batman'. On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Bases incised Pamela 1934.
Inscribed 'Fawkner'
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Base incised Remued
Cylinder jugs; straight-sided

Commemorative cylinder jugs are recorded in two slightly different shapes. This one is plain, straight-sided with no flare, and doesn't match any known shape number.

Height; 11.5 - 13 cm.

Graham Lancaster Auctions
Inscribed 'Fawkner'. (Reverse not recorded.) Base incised Remued

This brown jug, and both blue cylinder jugs below, carry the wrong name - Batman bust inscribed 'Fawkner' and vice-versa.
Norman Collection
  Inscribed 'Cook'.
On reverse; 'Melbourne Centenary 1934-35'
Base incised Remued.
Inscribed 'Batman'
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Base incised Pamela 1934
Long Gone Antiques & Collectables, Warrnambool, Vic.
Inscribed 'Fawkner'
(Reverse not recorded)
Base incised Remued
L; inscribed 'Batman'. R; Fawkner bust, no name. On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Bases incised Remued.
Inscribed 'Fawkner'
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Base incised Remued.
     Collection; Jeremy Zarifopoulos
Inscribed 'Cook'.
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne 1934'
Base incised Remued.

Inscribed 'Batman'.
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne 1934'
Base incised Remued

Urn-shaped footed vase with flat circumferential band.

This same shape appears as Pamela 20 and Early Series 181.  Commemorative pieces, however, are (so far) only recorded un-numbered. They are incised Remued, with gumleaf decoration and busts with inscriptions 'Cook',  'Fawkner' or 'Batman'.
Height;  20 - 23 cm.


Collection; Stuart Lawson
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Inscribed 'Cook's Cottage' and signed 'R.Hawkins'

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Further examples of this shape include a bust of Cook (Remued) and one of Henty (Pamela).
Examples are also recorded with the bust of Fawkner; both Remued and Pamela.
Norman Collection
Inscribed 'Batman'
(Reverse & base not recorded)

The bust appears to have been modelled from this photographic portrait of Edward Henty.
Plump vase, wide mouth

This shape does not match any recorded shape number.

Height;  12  cm.

Two busts, on opposite sides of the same piece. Inscribed 'Batman' and 'Fawkner'. Beneath the rim, inscribed 'Melbourne Centenary'. Base unmarked.

Premier Pottery Preston produced souvenir ware in the 1930s, contemporary with the Early Series. These pieces usually had a sprig-moulded bust of an historical figure applied to one side and were inscribed to the other side with, for example, 'Souvenir of Melbourne'

Known commemorative items relate to two events;
The centenary year of British settlement in Victoria, 1934. These feature busts of Edward Henty (founder of the first settlement, at Portland in 1834); John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner (rival founders of Melbourne, in 1835); and navigator and explorer Captain James Cook.
The accession to the throne of Edward VIII in 1936, featuring a bust of the King.
Catherine Webb research collection
Inscribed 'Fawkner'
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Base incised Pamela 1934
Catherine Webb research collection
Inscribed 'Cook's Cottage'
On reverse; 'Melbourne Centenary'
Base incised Remued
Names embossed (not incised) L-R  'Fawkner', 'Cook' and 'Batman'. .
Bases incised Remued. Diameter; 9 cm.

These are unusual amongst Premier's wares in that they are press-moulded.
(For another press-moulded item - also an ashtray - see Early Series 336)

Inscribed 'Fawkner'.
On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Base incised Pamela 1934
Collection; John Stephens
This exceptional piece features a modelled and painted depiction of John Batman, leaning on a rifle; and on the reverse, the inscription "This is the place for a village" - Batman. Melbourne Centenary.  Base incised Remued. Height; 14 cm.

    Youngs Auctions - The Berry Collection
Signed on the side R.Hawkins. On the base (painted not incised) Cook's Cottage, Great Ayton.
Height; 11 cm.
Image; Catherine Webb
research collection

As part of the celebrations surrounding Victoria's centenary in 1934 this cottage, built in Yorkshire in 1755 by Captain Cook's parents, was relocated to the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

Painted plates
       Diameter; 21 - 24 cm.  On the back; PPP, painted not stamped.
Collectors Path Pottery,
Ashwood Vic.

Shape book 'C'
Annotated Cent, presumably 'Centenary'

Collection; Ross & Sharron Pentreath
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Base incised Remued.
Reverse incised 'Souvenir of Melbourne'
Height; 15 cm..
Gumleaf-decorated pot
Cylinder jugs; flared lip

This cylinder jug has a slight flare to the lip and foot. The shape matches Pamela Series 18 and Early Series 172/5.

Height; 11.5 - 13 cm.

Collection; Julie Giuliani
Inscribed "Capt. Cook's Cottage"
Two-handled tankard, modelled decoration

EK Collection
'Fawkner' and 'Cook'