A selection of shapes that don't fit readily into other listed categories. Some are numbered, some not.
Surviving fragments of early shape books indicate that there were more types of articles than are pictured here, including plaques; bird dishes; flower pots; teapots, and more.
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'Frogs' for flower stems

Later Series 67
Early Series 158  
Collection;  Stuart Lawson

Liqueur glasses

Later Series 160
   (catalogued at 160 although un-numbered)

Spout pot

Early Series; PPP 10

Spout pots, un-numbered
Height; 7.5cm. Base stamped PPP
Blind spout.

Acid jar

Later Series 98   Open pot with lid; no example recorded

Acid jars, demijohns; un-numbered

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  Collection; remueddude
Height; 5.5 cm
Base incised Remued

Ribbed conic base, flared bulb top

Early Series 239
Later Series 162

Bookends of moulded animal figurines
modelled by John Castle-Harris
Early Series 337     koalas
Early Series 339     koalas
Early Series 341     kangaroos

Catherine Webb research collection
With  handle & screw stopper.
Un-numbered, unsigned.
    Shape book 'B'
Un-numbered   "1 gallon Jar".  No example recorded. Appears in shape books 'A' and 'B', following the last of the Later Series.
Height; from shape book, about 38 cm.

Shape book 'A'
Un-numbered. "Bung Jar. 1 Fire". No example recorded. Appears in shape book 'A' following the last of the Later Series.
Height; from shape book, about 18 cm.

From an early photograph taken at the pottery.
Date unknown, but probably 1930s whereas the other examples here are all believed to be from 1942-45, during wartime.

Catherine Webb research collection
Bird drinker

Un-numbered. No example is recorded.  Appears in shape book 'A'
following the last of the Later Series.
Shape book 'A'

Heights; 6.3 & 10.8 cm.
Larger piece signed James
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Moneyboxes      Un-numbered, unsigned, perhaps one-offs.

Un-numbered. Dimensions; length 25 - 26 cm, height 5.5 - 5.8 cm.  Canoe vases were a popular item for Australian potteries in the 1940s & 50s but Premier's approach to them seems to have been tentative. These are the only recorded examples.
The People's Potteries

Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Both bases unsigned.

Un-numbered, base incised Remued
Height; 11 cm

Nothing is known about this decorated goblet but the glazes and unconfirmed anecdotal evidence suggest that it is post-war. Only one example is recorded. The origin of the figure - a fisherman (or fisher-boy?) riding a big fish - is unknown although it has been suggested it derives from a childrens' book illustration.

Collection; John Daniels

Nothing is known about the artists or history of these figurines. They are quite unlike anything else in the known ranges of Premier or Kerryl.
Young's Auctions - The Berry Collection
These four are the only recorded examples.
Unsigned, un-numbered, Remued stickers.
Heights; tall pirate 35 cm; sailor 27 cm; peg-leg pirate 28 cm; Pan 25 cm.
     Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Hollow cast pottery, plaster-filled, painted. Bases incised Kerryl CC Australia.
Heights; seated youth 9 cm; mid-size man and woman 23 - 24 cm; tall man and family groups 35 - 37 cm.

Toothpick holder (or Candlestick?)
Dimensions; height 5.1 cm, base 7 cm square, aperture 2.3 cm.

Un-numbered, base incised Remued.
Although this looks like a candlestick, its hole is not parallel-sided but widens toward the base, so a toothpick holder seems more likely.

Heidelberg Road, Alphington, Vic.

Height; 21 cm.
Collection;  Franky
Height; 13.5 cm.
Height; 14 cm.
Base unmarked.

Base incised Remued
     Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Height; 10 cm (left); 8.5 cm (right). No bottom opening - in true 'piggy-bank' style these moneyboxes must be smashed to extract the contents.

  Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Height;  14 cm. This one does have a bottom opening.
Young's Auctions 
Catherine Webb research collection
It is tempting to speculate that the model for these figurines may have been none other than Reg Hawkins (pictured), co-owner of Premier Pottery and the painter of PPP decoration. There is certainly a resemblance.

Collectors Path Pottery,
Ashwood Vic.
Height 21 cm. Blind spout.
Base stamped PPP
Undersides -
Later Series 67 (left) with another
flower frog, un-numbered.
'W' collection
Collection; Kevin & Chris Edwards