During the course of the Early Series, Premier Pottery introduced an additional small numbering series for some special pieces - the 'Alphabet' Series. Each number comprised a letter of the alphabet denoting the shape, followed by a digit denoting the form of  decoration. The decoration was in low relief and was modelled by John Castle-Harris who is thought to have been associated with Premier during 1935.

'Alphabet' Series pieces are rare. Few examples are recorded and the numbering system is only partly understood. More are needed to clarify and verify the system and if you have one we'd love to hear from you; contact us.  Every piece recorded to date is quite large. They are highly valued, examples having sold at auction for thousands of dollars.

Shapes recorded are A, B, C, D, F, H, I, J and L. Still missing are E, G and K which remain unknown.

The applied decorations and the numbers denoting them are;
    1  Kookaburra    
    2  Koalas    
    3  Koalas (nestled together)
    4  Finches    
    5  Kookaburra
    6  Large gumleaves    
    7  (unknown)
    8  Koalas

Shape 'A';  Bulbous jardiniere with plain lip
Like Early Series 34 Med
Height; 17.5 cm
Numbered A 2.  Koalas, separated.
Shepparton Art Gallery 1977.09
Numbered C 4.  Finches

Shape 'C'; Jardiniere with flared lip, ribbed at base
Like Early Series 30 , Early Series 241, and Later Series 500
Height; 21 - 22 cm.
Numbered H 4. Finches

Numbered C 5. Kookaburras
Shape 'H'; Baluster-shaped vase, wide throat
Shape like Early Series 326/7.
Height 19 cm.
Shape 'L'; Bulbous vase, small flaring lip
Matches no known Early Series number.
Height; 17 cm.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Numbered L 5.  Kookaburra.
Nouveau Deco, Woollahra NSW
Not from Premier but the same finches.
Signed Castle Harris
Shape 'F'; Large plump baluster-shaped vase, small flaring lip
Matches no known Early Series number, although somewhat like Early Series 315/9.
Height 24 cm.
Numbered F 2.  Koalas.
Other low-relief animals and birds were made by several potters at different stages of Premier's history. For the range of styles click here.

There were also three-dimensional animals in the Early Series; click here.

Shape 'B';  Jardiniere, plump baluster form.   
Like Early Series 269
Height; 14 - 15 cm.

Lawsons Auctions
Numbered B 6. Gumleaves.

Shape 'D'; Large barrel, ribbed at top with slight flare to foot.
Shape like Early Series 18 Med.
Height; 20 cm.

Numbered D 3. Koalas nestled back-to-back.

Shape 'J'; Slender barrel, flaring lip and foot.
Matches no known Early Series number.
Height 19.5 cm.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Numbered J 6. Gumleaves

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Shape 'I'; Large plump vase with foot and small flared lip
Matches no known Early Series number, although somewhat like Early Series 39  
Height 18.5 cm.
Numbered I 1. Kookaburra
Numbered I 4. Finches

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Numbered C 2.  Koalas.
Collection; Chris Anders
Numbered H 8. Koala.
Numbered F8. Koalas.