127  (Early Series; PPP)   2-cone bowl with wide mouth, collar lip, serrated at circumference.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series, but curiously other examples are recorded numbered not 127 but Early Series 153 - see below.
Presumably this duplication of numbers is a mistake. (Such mistakes did occur - see for example Early Series 174.) Usually, one of the numbers - the 'correct' one - prevailed, and went on to become relatively common compared with the very few examples of the incorrect number. Here however we are looking a shape so rarely found that the duplication may never be explained.

Dimensions; Height; 11 - 12 cm, diameter 18 - 20 cm.

Base stamped PPP, incised 127
Un-numbered, base stamped PPP.

Duplication; same shape, two different Early Series numbers.
   Left; base incised 153. No stamp or signature.
   Right; base stamped PPP, incised 127
Collection; Anne Livingston
Base stamped PPP, incised 127/8
The use of the inch suffix 8 - here denoting diameter - suggests that there may be another size too.
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