153  (Early Series)   Jug with bulbous base and tall cylindrical throat.

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - Pamela Series 27.
There is also a non-jug version (no pouring lip) at Early Series 125.

Height; 17 - 20 cm


Jeremy Zarifopoulos

153  (Early Series; PPP)  2-cone bowl with wide mouth, collar lip, serrated at circumference.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series, but curiously another example is recorded numbered not 153
but Early Series / PPP 127

Dimensions; Height; 11 - 12 cm, diameter 18 cm.

Bases incised 153. Not stamped but unquestionably PPP.

Un-numbered, stamped PPP.

Camberwell Antique Centre,
Camberwell Vic.
Duplication; same shape, two different Early Series numbers.
   Left; base incised 153. No stamp or signature.
   Right; base stamped PPP, incised 127
153 (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES
: This number was assigned twice. Most likely the earlier PPP-style bowl was superseded by the Remued jug, although perhaps the PPP number was a mistake - the same shape had already been numbered 127. Such mistakes did occur - see for example Early Series 174.
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