157  (Early Series)    Tall chamberstick.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded in image database)

Earlier examples have a vertically-aligned handle and a straight stem with no waist. Later examples (which are more common) have a waisted stem. The waist was probably to stop the candle slipping too far down into the hollow stem.

Height;  13 - 17 cm

Collection;  Stuart Lawson

Lamp-base version

Hole in base of stem for an electric wire.
An unusual feature although this is not the only recorded example.
Definitely original - glaze has run into the hole.

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Left-hand piece incised to base Remued 157.
The other incised Deerbon 22A.
Una Deerbon was a well-known studio potter who frequented Premier Pottery Preston. She also made a short chamberstick like Early Series 148

Shape book 'E'

No handle - unusual.
Possibly its first actual candle ever, after 80+ years.
On Anzac Day 2020, during covid-19 social isolation, it was lit at the end of our driveway to the sound of a neighbour playing the Last Post in the chill pre-dawn darkness. All quite moving.