158  (Early Series)    Float bowl, and flower frog.
Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded in image database).

Only one size is recorded but it is variously incised 158 or 158/9. The use of the '9' suffix suggests that another size may have existed too.

    Shape book 'C'
For 158 there is no sketch of the float bowl, just a 'centre'. No example of this flower frog is recorded although there are other Remued flower frogs - see here.
Collection; Liz Bishop
Both incised to base 158 Remued

Collection; Maria Koba
Bowl incised to base 158/9 Remued.
The flower frog doesn't match the sketch below. It is thought not to be Remued but from Bennett Pottery, Adelaide.

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Incised 158 Remued  A decorated example.
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On this particular piece the pansy flowers appear to be transfers augmented with painted centres. Although glazed internally, the exterior was left unglazed and the bowl would have been bought direct from the pottery by the decorator.
158 & 158/9
       Diameter; 22 - 23 cm.  Height; 7.5 cm