LARGER SIZE, height;  10.5 - 11 cm.
173 L
173 sM
173 LM

An anomaly; this piece is numbered 173 LX (not 'LM').

Shape book 'E'
Young's Auctions - The Berry Collection
Early gumleaf
Later gumleaf
173 M
173 s
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Collection;  Brian Tonkin
Very early (1933-34) before numbering was introduced.
Such examples have a less pronounced spout, as seen here.
This piece exhibits the characteristic very early features of vertical scoring and a thick twisted twig-handle.
It also has a most unusual design of applied decoration - wattle leaves and blossom.
shopatnortham, Northam WA
Norman Collection
Nicholnack art in pottery
173  (Early Series)    Squat jugs.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - 500 Series 513
There are also early un-numbered examples, signed Remued or completely unmarked.

According to shape book 'C' there were two sizes, denoted by inch suffixes 4 and 6. In shape book 'E' however (which comes from a later date) and on the actual examples recorded in the image database, the small size has an 's' suffix (or none), the larger an 'L' suffix.

Both sizes were produced with and without applied decoration but undecorated pieces are relatively rare.  This is a shape where decoration is usual.

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SMALLER SIZE, height;  7 - 9 cm.
Presumably first produced in this size only, without any size suffix, then when the larger 'L' variant was introduced this size acquired the 's' for Small.