172  (Early Series)    Cylindrical jugs.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - 172/5M is like  Pamela Series 18
There are also numerous early un-numbered examples including commemorative pieces and pieces with completely unmarked bases. Some un-numbered examples are recorded dated 1933.  A copy of the shape is also known to have been made in Japan, presumably being considered an item that would sell in the Australian market.

According to the shape book there were four sizes, denoted by inch suffixes 5, 6, 7, and 13.  Only 172/5 and 172/6 are yet recorded in the image database. Both were produced with and without applied decoration. Decorated pieces were suffixed 'M' although a few examples are recorded with no 'M'.

Height;  12.5 - 13 cm.

Height;  15 - 17 cm.
  Mark Jackson &
  Amanda Warriner
Like 172/5M but stamped "Made in Japan"!


Listed in the shape book (below) but no numbered example is recorded in the image database.

Height, from shape book; presumably about 7 inches (17.5 cm) or slightly taller.

No example is recorded in the image database. This size must be quite a sight to see! For pictures of an equivalent vase version go to Early Series 145/14

Height presumably about 13 inches (33 cm) or slightly more.

Vertical scoring and early handle. Base unmarked.
Height 18.5 cm
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Grapevine (but no 'M')
Very early un-numbered pieces, like 172/7 in size but pre-dating shape numbering;
       Hurnall's Antiques &
       Decorative Arts
Incised Remued 1933. Early gumleaf and Boyd-like painted decoration. Height 18.5 cm
Early gumleaf        Later gumleaf - veined.
Shape book 'C' (shown here) lists four sizes.

Shape book 'E', however, which comes from a slightly later date, lists only three; 172/13 had apparently been dropped.
Brearly collection
Base dated 1934
Collection; Andrew McGowan
Even taller; height 20 cm.
Incised Remued