42  (Early Series)    'Ginger-jar' vases.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - 500 Series 524; Later Series 24 . Curiously, it also appears with another Early Series number, Early Series 28, thought to be a mistake.

There were three size variants; a small 4 inch size (10 cm); a medium 6 inch size (15 cm); and a large 9 inch size (22 cm). The suffixes used to denote these sizes were initially  S - M - L  with 'M' denoting Medium size not its usual meaning of applied decoration. On some examples 'M' is expanded to 'Med'. Later, the size suffixes changed to inch numbers.


Collection;  Stuart Lawson
Medium size; height 15 - 16  cm.
42 M
Large size;  height 20 - 22 cm.

42 L
42 LM
Here the 'M' denotes applied decoration which is its more usual meaning.

Heidelberg Road,
Alphington, Vic
Hunters & Collectors Antiques,
Mosman NSW

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42 Med
Centenary Antique Centre, Newcastle  NSW
Image; Alan Carter Antiques & Collectables

Collection; E.E.Macdonald
The size suffixes s, Med and L have been over-written by inch suffixes 4, 6 and 9.

Shape book 'E'

Small size;  height approx 10 cm.
42 s
Mossgreen; The David & Leslie Frost Collection
Early smooth gumleaf
Later veined gumleaf
EK Collection
Lamp-base version
Base incised Remued 42 L
Hole near the base for an electric cord.

Several other vase shapes are also known with lamp versions; click here.
42 Med M
Collection 'W'