56  (Early Series, PPP and Remued)    Small squat jug.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Pamela Series 5Un-numbered examples are also recorded.

This is a shape that began as PPP and continued on as Remued when the PPP name was discontinued in 1934.
According to the shape-book entry below there were three sizes, with size suffixes S, M, and L. Only one size is recorded however, corresponding to S but incised just 56. There was possibly also a sugarbowl but no example is recorded.

Height; 6.5 - 8 cm

Collection;  Stuart Lawson
Base incised Remued
Early examples. Note the straight handle (like the PPP examples above) and the 'Pamela-like' glazes.
Eric Smith
Later examples had a skewed handle, and less of an outward flare to the lip. This style is more common.
(and perhaps not quite the same shape?)
Flat base, incised Remued  Hand Made
No numbered example is recorded with applied decoration.
Centenary Antique Centre, Newcastle NSW
Nicholnack art in pottery
Un-numbered, stamped PPP
Part of an advertisement by the Primrose Pottery Shop
(For a Primrose base stamp see  Early Series 66)
Shape book 'PPP'
Despite what this shape book shows, no recorded example actually has a size suffix. Recorded examples all appear to match the 'S' size but are incised 56 not 56 s.
The sugar-bowl - if it exists - is unknown as yet. A later shape-book shows only 56 s and no sugarbowl.

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Base stamped PPP
PPP examples have a turned foot whereas Remued and Pamela examples all have a flat base.
Collection; 'W'
L-R:   Un-numbered stamped PPP;  incised 5 Pamela 1934;  incised Remued 56.