Suffixes in the numbering

As well as the basic shape number, many Remued pieces also carry a suffix denoting the size and/or applied decoration. Pamela pieces did not carry suffixes.  'A' Series / Kerryl had suffixes that generally followed Remued usage but with some differences.

Number suffixes

Some shapes came in a range of sizes. A number suffix indicates the size in inches. For example, shape 408 (a four-lobed basket shape) may be numbered 408-6, the suffix '6' being the approximate height in inches. For a dish, the suffix indicates the diameter eg  24/11 is a dish about 11 inches across. A slash or a dash serves to separate the size number from the shape number. A slash is usual in the Early Series and 500 Series, a dash in the Later Series (also 'A' Series / Kerryl but see the separate note below).

Letter suffixes

Applied 3-D koala decoration (one example recorded with lizard).

Applied twig-handle decoration. Illustrated sales brochures of selected Early Series items show several with an 'H' suffix and on those items it clearly denotes the presence of a twig-handle. However, none of the many similar pieces in the image database is actually marked with an 'H'. The only common example of an 'H' suffix is in the Later Series, the 91H dishes.   'H' suffixes also appear in the 500 range of the Later Series (but not the 500 Series proper).

Applied 3-D kookaburra decoration

Large size

Applied gumleaf or grapevine decoration in Early Series, and in the Later Series too although less consistently. Applied decoration is relatively uncommon in the Later Series and decorated examples often lack the suffix.
There are also a few instances where 'M' denotes, not decoration, but Medium size; see for example Early Series 50.
Occasionally 'Med' is used to denote Medium size, and there are even examples where both Med meaning size and M meaning decoration are used together eg Early Series 18 Med M

Small size

Indicates merely that something is different. For example, when the Early Series found itself with two different shaped jugs both numbered 119, one was called 119X to distinguish it from the other. For the 194 basket, 194X indicates a different size from the original plain 194. There was even a 194XX.

Applied 3-D lizard decoration (one example recorded with kookaburra)

'A' Series / Kerryl suffixes; glaze numbers

'A' Series / Kerryl numbering followed Remued usage in most respects, although the presence of an 'M' to indicate applied decoration was rather hit-and-miss (as was already so towards the end of the Later Series). For shapes with two sizes 'S' and 'L' suffixes were used, and for the only shape with multiple sizes (the classic Remued basket shape), inch numbers.

If a separator appears between the shape number and a size suffix (whether L, S or inch number), it is always a dash not a slash. A slash is sometimes present however but with quite a different role, one not seen in Remued numbering.  In the 'A' Series a numeral after a slash denotes, not size, but glaze style. Although a slash may have nothing after it, if a number is there it denotes one of the following glazes. The glaze number may be incised, or less commonly rubber-stamped or even just written in pencil.
        /1   Plain white or creamy-white textured finish
         /4   A showy mottled finish, most commonly in a rich red colour.
        /5   A pale iridescent patchy 'oil-slick' lustre
        /6   A high-lustre finish in pale colours
        /8   All-over gold, high gloss
No example is recorded marked /2, /3 or /7 and only a single example is recorded marked  /5. Curiously, no glaze number has been found for the dull speckled finish seen on so many Kerryl pieces.

Incised 1-4, 1-6, 1-8, 1-10, 1-12

193 sM
193 s
193 L
193 LM
'H' suffix in sales brochure
Early Series 202H
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'A' Series / Kerryl A116-4
Dash before size suffix '4',
No slash, no glaze suffix
'A' Series / Kerryl A86/4
No size suffix.
Slash before glaze suffix '4'.
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'A' Series / Kerryl A74s/6
Size suffix 's' (without dash). Slash before glaze suffix '6'.
Pencil marks by the retailer.