91 (Later Series)    Shallow dishes, with twig-handle.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes;  Early Series 24
Shape-book details for 91-sH are the same as for Later Series 2 but no example with that number is yet recorded.

This is one of the few shapes introduced under wartime restrictions that went on to be produced and sold in large numbers. Most production presumably took place in the post-war years.

It is also notable as having applied decoration in the form of a twig-handle. Twig-handles were a characteristic Early Series feature, but here re-appear in the Later Series. These dishes carry an 'H' suffix which denotes a twig-handle. Curiously, the 'H' is absent on Early Series pieces although it does appear in Early Series sales brochures. These Later Series 91 dishes seem to be the only consistent use of the 'H' suffix on the actual pottery.

Shape book 'A'

       Diameter;  approx 22 cm

       Diameter;  27 - 28cm

Collection;  Stuart Lawson 
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A pair of anomalies. Both should be incised 91-sH, but one shows 91-s, the other 91-H.
Other numbering glitches recorded include;
  *  a 91-LH piece incised just 91-L;
  *  a 22 cm piece (should be 91-sH) incised 91-LH
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Nicholnack art in pottery
Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth.
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