160   (Later Series)   Baitz jugs and Glasses
Do these shapes appear in other series?  No - (none recorded) although there are other small jugs that are somewhat similar.

Baitz was (and is) a well-known brand of liqueurs.

Every piece recorded in the image database is un-numbered.


Shape book 'B'

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With liqueur flask, Later Series 165
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery. 
Gift of Maurice Stebbings   1989.39
Baitz liqueur glasses; un-numbered
Height;  5 - 7 cm. 
Height 8.8 cm.
Stamped to base
Baitz Exclusive Liqueur
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Allan & Myrtle James Collection
'Glass No.1' shape, the three above.

This particular page of shape book 'B' is a bit of a mess. Later Series 160 is a jug, in different sizes. The glasses have been added piecemeal in whatever unused space was available on the page. The shape books show three sizes of jugs, numbered 1,2 and 3; and four styles of glasses as pictured (labelled "cheap"!).

The table headed "Turning" shows hourly rates of production. Allan James reckoned on throwing 48 jugs per hour, by hand, just 1 minute and 12 seconds per jug.
( and who was 'Mr Cameron?)

Height; 10 cm.
Base unmarked.
Judging by height, these appear to be the 'No.1' jug (left) and 'No.2' (right)
Baitz jugs; un-numbered