165   (Later Series)     Baitz liqueur flask with handle, long neck and stopper.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, but there are un-numbered examples stamped to base  Baitz Exclusive Liqueur.

It is believed these were sold in a matched set with small glasses. Various shapes of glasses are recorded, none of them numbered. See Later Series 160.

Height;  14 - 15 cm without stopper, 15.5 - 17 cm including stopper.

Bases incised 165
Un-numbered.  Bases stamped  Baitz Exclusive Liqueur
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Gift of Maurice Stebbings   1989.39

Foil label on flask reads  "Baitz Exclusive Liqueur. CURACAO ORANGE"

Collection; John Fortuna
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With un-numbered liqueur glasses; see Later Series 160
Shape book 'A'
Just what the 'barbeque plate' is doing here is unclear.
A shallower version of Later Series 170.

The mystery doesn't end there either.
At this point in the Later Series shape books, seven shapes numbered 500 - 506 are inserted, between nos.165 and 166.

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