Selections from the Marvin Hurnall Collection

Many images appearing throughout this website were sourced from Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts. This page shows some additional pieces from the collection. Most pieces on this page are un-numbered and hence don't lend themselves to cataloguing as readily as do shapes with known numbers. They include rare early items and unique 'one-offs'. Some are early precursors to shapes that subsequently became numbered and standardised but which here display a degree of decorative variety and experimentation not seen in later years.

Our thanks to the late Marvin Hurnall for granting access to his unique collection. Images are copyright Marvin Hurnall.
Height; 28 cm
Base incised Remued Hand Made.
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Un-numbered; shape like Early Series 154-M.
Height; 16 cm.
Remarkable decoration of a satyr mask.

Vases with finned reptilian creature
Height; 42 cm - amongst the very tallest Remued pieces. Unglazed.
Base incised Castle-Harris  1937  Alan James . The inscription raises some intriguing questions -
* The handwriting is that of Allan James. According to his son Kerry, his name was spelt Allan ie with two 'l's (the spelling adopted throughout this website) but on this piece - and at least one other - he signed with a single 'l'.
* The 1937 date is unexpected. John Castle-Harris, who modelled the creature, is believed to have been in Melbourne in 1935, not 1937, so either that belief is incorrect, or when Allan James made this piece in 1937 he applied a figure modelled two years earlier.
Either way, based on the handwriting the Castle-Harris attribution appears to have been incised by Allan James.
Height; 24 cm
Left; incised 145/9 Remued
Right; un-numbered, incised Remued
Height; 24 cm. Painted gumleaves and trees.
Base incised Remued.
Tall jugs like Early Series 54-LM.  Height 23 - 24 cm.
Tall jugs like Early Series 133-M.   Height 24 - 26 cm.
Painted and modelled decoration, very early.
Two pieces with decoration by Margaret Kerr, signed by her.
Height; both 22 cm.
Left; incised M.Kerr Melbourne. Right; M.Kerr  1934
Pair of vases with grapevine decoration.
Height; 14 cm.
Shape matches no known number.
Bases incised A James 1933
Pomegranate decoration.
Height;  19 cm.
Base incised A James 1933
A most remarkable piece. A modelled hollow tree, with a ruined hut, and various creatures including a lizard and rabbits.
Height;  32 cm.  Base stamped PPP.
Tall flask with painted dragon decoration.
Height; 26 cm.
Base stamped PPP.
Very large vase with modelled and painted tree and leaves, in unusual dark ochre shades. Height; 42 cm
Base painted (not incised) Remued 1933 PPP. This is one of the very few pieces recorded bearing both the PPP and Remued names.
Similar shapes, but the pot on the right exhibits the characteristic older features of rounded leaves and vertical striations. Both bases incised Remued. Height; left 12 cm, right 13 cm.
Jug with modelled decoration of a gnarled tree.
Base incised Remued
Height; 19 cm.

Base unmarked.
Height; 19 cm.
Shape is Early Series 192 sM