A selection of UN-NUMBERED Remued pieces
The pieces pictured here are all considered to be very early, 1933-34, pre-dating the introduction of Early Series numbering in 1934.
Not all un-numbered Remued pieces are so early, however. Other criteria must be used to judge the time of manufacture. For guidelines click here.

Collection; John Fortuna
Base incised Remued
Height; 11 cm.
Base incised Remued 1933
Diameter; 14.5 cm
     EK Collection
Height 18.5 cm. Base incised WJDee - Walter Dee.
Shape subsequently numbered 172/6 in the Early Series
Collection; Bradley Stephan
Jug with modelled and painted tree.
Base painted (not incised) Remued
Height; 16 cm.
Height; 11 cm.
Leonard Joel
Vertical scoring and early pattern twig-handle. Shapes subsequently numbered 192 & 173 in the Early Series
Leonard Joel
Height; 24 cm.
Solitary Demand
Height; 18 cm. Shape subsequently numbered 144M in the Early Series
Height; 8cm. With vertical scoring, a feature of very early Remued pieces. Shape subsequently numbered 21M in the Early Series.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Height; 18.5 - 19 cm.
No numbered version of this shape is yet recorded.

    Collection; Stuart Lawson
Height; 18.4 cm. This large jardiniere shape is recorded as both Remued and Pamela. Subsequently numbered 140 in the Early Series.
Height; 24 cm. No numbered version of this shape is yet recorded.
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Collection; Scott Williams &
Margret Knopfler
Height 14.5 cm.
   No numbered version of these shapes is yet recorded.
Collection; Joe Terni
Youngs Auctions - the Berry Collection
Base incised Remued 1933
Height; 19 cm.
Alexander Collection
Height; 18 cm
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Height; 13 cm. No signature or PPP stamp.