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Pieces that are un-numbered but with a shape that is known to have a number, are pictured on the appropriate catalogue page alongside numbered pieces. The examples below are therefore shapes that were never in the numbering systems, or for which no numbered example has yet been recorded.

                   Collection; Stuart Lawson
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Diam. 24 cm. 'PPP' (painted, not stamped) on back. Picture labelled 'Cook's Cottage' and signed 'R.Hawkins'.
Undated but presumably produced in 1934 along with other items commemorating Melbourne's centenary year.

         Collection; Stuart Lawson
Diam. 25 cm. 'PPP' painted (not stamped) on back.

    Nicholnack art in pottery
Diam. 12 cm, stamped PPP
"Faint heart never won fair lady".
Fruit Dishes with stand
From the Early Series period. Known only from this surviving shape-book fragment.
Two sizes.

Four-legged dish, wavy rim      Incised 'Remued'
Painted underglaze. Very early, thought to date from 1933.
Diameter; approx 16 cm
The Collector, Murrumbeena, Vic.
Height 4.6 cm, diameter 15 cm

Norman Collection
Half-round dish, diam. 21 cm.
Base incised Remued.
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Catherine Webb research collection
Decoration indicates PPP era.
(Possibly the shape at left?)
Height 5 cm, diameter 12 cm
Base incised Remued