Jugs whose main body shape is conical.
Includes shapes whose body comprises two cones.

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Small low-waisted 2-cone jug

Early Series 12

Small ribbed conical jug

Early Series 152

Small high-waisted conic jug

Early Series 178

Small plump conical jug jug

Early Series 179                      Shape-book sketch only

Slender conical jug

Early Series 307
500 Series 514
Later Series 20

Two-cone jug with narrowed straight neck

Early Series 192

Small jug, conic base and bulbous top

Early Series 186

Wide conical milk jugs

Later Series 77

Slender conical jug, ribbed at base

Early Series 245
Graham Lancaster Auctions

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Some un-numbered shapes;
Norman Collection
Height; 24 cm
Collection; Bradley Stephan
Height; 14 cm. Modelled tree trunk and
branches. This shape also appears as
un-numbered commemorative jugs.

Collection; Kammy Cordner
Height; 25 cm.
Height;  14.5 cm.