Small globe-shaped bowl

Early Series / PPP 77  Recorded as PPP with handle and without; and as Remued without handle.
Early Series/PPP 86 or 98  (depending on which way up it is read!)

Flask, bulbous body, long neck with two spiral handles

Early Series / PPP 87

Phillip's Auctions
Even larger; height 25 cm.
Base stamped PPP
Height;  18.5 cm
Base unmarked

Flasks with bulb base, slender neck and three spiral handles.

Early Series 177     No example is recorded.

Large flasks with one spiral handle.
Un-numbered; Remued and PPP
This is the only spiral-handled shape to have an example incised Remued.
(Perhaps it was just a mistake and should have been PPP?  Mistakes did happen - see here.)
The same shape but without a spiral handle is recorded as Early Series 4/8.

Height; 18.5 - 20.5 cm

Spiral handles were a decorative feature of PPP pottery, almost completely absent from Remued pieces. Almost every piece with a spiral handle is either marked PPP or exhibits unmistakably PPP character. Some unmarked pieces however could well be taken for Remued and one solitary example is recorded actually signed Remued - most likely dating from 1933-34 while both the PPP and Remued brands were used.
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Collection; C.Z.
Height;  20.5 cm
Base unmarked
Height; 20 cm.
Base incised Remued

Waisted two-cone vase with two spiral handles
Un-numbered. This shape (and others) may well have been assigned a number, but no numbered example is yet recorded. Numbered PPP pieces are rare because PPP was discontinued soon after shape numbering was introduced. If you have a numbered PPP piece we'd love to hear from you! - contact us.

A shape like this but with a different style of handle appears as Early Series / PPP 9

Height;  9 - 10 cm.   

Small squat pots, un-numbered

Height;  6.5 - 7 cm.  

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Tall chamberstick, tapering cupped stem

*  A spiral-handled variant of Early Series 25, un-numbered .

Small flask, bulbous body, short neck (and two spiral handles?)

Early Series / PPP 30.  No example recorded.

Small flask, bulbous body, short neck, with one spiral handle

Early Series / PPP 52

Flask, bulbous body, long neck with one spiral handle

Early Series / PPP 76

One spiral handle.
Base stamped PPP

G&H Collection
Two spiral handles.
Base unmarked.
Collection; "W"