A89  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    The classic Remued basket.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes it certainly does - in every preceding series; Early Series 194 and 500 Series 501 and Later Series 1.  Curiously it also appears again in the 'A' Series as A116.
For a general discussion of these basket shapes click here.

Five sizes are recorded, approximating to 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 inches.

Base incised A89/4
       Height; 13 cm.
Base incised A89-6/4
Bases incised A89-6

       Height; 18 cm.
Base incised A89-8/

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Collection; Stuart Lawson
      Base incised A89-8/4                   Close-up of the inner label
Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Base incised A89
  Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Base incised A89-8/4 but subsequently corrected by rubber-stamped A89-8/5 denoting a different glaze. 
( /4 denotes the mottled glaze seen on some other pieces here.)
       Height; 23 cm.

  Collection; Adrian Taylor
The handle on this piece has a right-handed twist, unlike most Kerryl and Remued baskets which have a left-handed twist.

Base incised A89-8/6
       Height; 27 cm.
Collection; Brenton Roneberg

Chris Dean
Base incised A89-4

The shape book has no sketch, just a note "as old 1-4" (ie same as Later Series shape no. 1, size 4 inches). It appears that this was the first size, initially numbered just A89, then when other sizes were introduced with inch suffixes it became A89-4.
Note however, the distinction beween eg A89/4 (A89 with glaze type 4) and A89-4 (A89, size 4 inches)

Base rubber-stamped (not incised) A89-10/4
In 'A' Series numbering, a numeral after a dash denotes the size in inches. A numeral after a slash, however, denotes the glaze style. For further discussion of 'A' Series sufixes click here.
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Base incised A89-12/4
A89, A89-4
       Height; 9 - 10 cm.