1  (Later Series)    The classic Remued basket
This was the best-selling of all Premier Pottery's shapes; for a general discussion click here. The Later Series had five size varieties ranging from 1-4 (4 inch) to 1-12 (12 inch). All are quite plentiful today except for the largest (1-12).

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes, in every series - Pamela Series 8Early Series 194500 Series 501'A' Series / Kerryl A89 and A116.

       Height;  8-10cm. Two-strand handle.

       Height;  12-14 cm.  Two-strand handle.

J.Maas Antiques, Tyabb, Vic.
An uncommon variant; 'strap'-handle( ie not twisted).
1-4 & 1-6 examples recorded.
Collection;  Stuart Lawson
Post-war white stipple finish, recorded in all sizes fom 1-4 to 1-10.

       Height;  16-18 cm.  Two-strand handle.

       Height;  21.5-24 cm.  Three-strand handle.

Collection;  Stuart Lawson
A most unusual glaze. For a close-up see Later Series 505.

       Height;  26-28 cm.  Three-strand handle.

Shape book 'A' shows weights and dimensions for the no.1 baskets but no drawings.

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