194 (Early Series)    The classic Remued basket.
Does the shape appear in other series?  -  Yes. It proved the most popular and enduring of all Remued shapes, in this and every numbering series;  Pamela 8500 Series 501Later Series 1;  'A' Series / Kerryl A89 and A116.
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Several size variants were introduced during the course of the Early Series but at first the basket came in a single size numbered just '194'. That earliest shape differed slightly from what was to become the familiar Remued basket. The use of suffixes evolved over time as variants were introduced, resulting today in a confusing hotch-potch of letters and inch sizes. (For a general account of shape-number suffixes click here.)

Applied decoration is not common. Gumleaves are found on the larger size variants but rarely on the smaller or older. Only the later-pattern gumleaf - with veins - is found. No grapevine-decorated example is recorded to date.

Height; 14.5 - 16 cm.    

194 x
Height; 12 - 13 cm
The 194-x baskets have the familiar later, more flared shape (although again, there are exceptions to this generalisation).

194 xxM
                                      Michael West  auspottery.com
The 194xx shape looks less flared, more upright (so perhaps earlier?) compared with 194x.          

Non-twist handle; uncommon.

Height; 16 - 19 cm
Height; 20 - 24 cm

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Height; 26 - 28 cm

Height; 30 - 34 cm.  The grand-daddy of them all. The 14-inch 194 was Remued's biggest basket and is uncommon. Subsequent numbering series all included baskets but they only went up to 12 inches.
No example is recorded with applied decoration. The shape is the early, upright style - perhaps the 14 inch size was already discontinued by the time gumleaf decoration started being applied to baskets.

194 L
Height; uncertain. The shape book shows 'H' as 5-5/8 inches (about 13 cm after firing) which seems too small for an 'L' size; perhaps it's just the body height.
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194 xM

Norman Collection
Collection; John Fortuna

Abbey's Auctions
Basket body, incised Remued 194/8, but with two small side-handles. An unusual piece of whimsy.
Height; 12 cm.
   Isabella House, NW Vic
Early upright shape. Base incised Remued, and 194 M is pencilled.
194 M
Height; 21 cm
These are the earliest Remued baskets. Note the shape; more upright, less flared.
(Some baskets numbered 194, however, do display the typical later shape.)
In the earliest years there appear to have been variants suffixed 'S', 'M' and 'L' (Small, Medium and Large), although the evidence is fragmentary. Just a single example is recorded marked 'M', and 'L' is known only from a surviving shape-book entry. The use of 'L' and 'M' must have been brief although 'S' continued (or re-appeared) with the later, less upright shape - see below.

Shape book 'C'
Unusual handle found on some 194/14 baskets - not merely twisted but plaited.
    Collection; Stuart Lawson
The same early upright shape appeared as Pamela 8
194 xx
Height; 12 - 16 cm
Unusual example with tall solid handle,
194 s
Height; 16cm overall (body 11cm)
Brearley collection
Early upright shape. Base incised Remued 194s. See below for a later re-use (or continuing use?) of the 's' suffix.
These small baskets were very popular and are relatively plentiful today.
They display the typical later basket shape, but see above for an earlier more upright basket that also carries the number 194 s.
194 s
Height; approx 10 cm