1  (Early Series)    Tall baluster-shaped vases, small flared lip

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, not exactly.   Later Series 100 is similar to 1/12 but somewhat plumper.
Later Series 177 and 'A' Series / Kerryl A91 also used this shape but with an extra 1950s-style feature of round holes at the shoulder ('gladioli' vases).  Early Series 41 was "same as 1/10 with handle" (see below).

Four sizes are recorded, with inch suffixes 8, 10, 12 and 15.

       Height; 25 - 26 cm

       Height; 30 - 31 cm
Colonial Attic Antiques,
Spotswood Vic.
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1/8 M
Base inscriptions on both these pieces include a date;
  Remued  Hand made
Base inscriptions like these, with both a number and a date, are rare and of great value in piecing together the history of the Remued range. If you have any Remued piece with such an inscription we'd be delighted to hear from you.
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   Height; 39 cm.

    Norman Collection
Remued's larger size variants usually have an upper limit of 10 or 12 inches but here is a 15 inch vase! - one of the tallest pieces known.
(For the very tallest see Early Series 470/18)

Simply Sold
Un-numbered, unsigned.

1/8 is known to have been in production in 1934 (based on the dated pieces above) but by the time this shape-book entry was made it had apparently been dropped from the range.

Shape book 'E'
Peter Leach
Peter Leach
The shape-book entry for Early Series 41 says "same as 1/10 only Hld" (handled). No example is recorded for Early Series 41 however, and as can be seen here, 1/10 did appear with a handle. Its shape-book entry also shows a handle.
    Redcoat Soldier Antiques, Sale Vic.
    Image; Stuart Lawson
Base un-numbered, stamped PPP.
Painting signed R.Hawkins.
Height; 40 cm.
Next number in Early Series
Hurnall's Antiques &
Decorative Arts
       Height; 20 - 22 cm

Base incised 41/12

As noted above, Early Series 41 appears in a shape book annotated 'same as 1/10 only handled'.
This piece has no handle and its size matches not 1/10 but 1/12. It looks like it was initially incised 1/12, with the 1 being subsequently (and mistakenly) "corrected" to 41.

Collection; 'W'