86  (Early Series)   Spherical lamp base.

No example is recorded.
Does this shape appear in other series?   Not exactly, although there are other spherical lamp bases; click here for list.

Height; from shape book, about 14 - 15 cm

Shape book 'C'
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86  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES (?)
: There is a question-mark regarding the earlier of the two shapes - a PPP bowl with spiral handle. The later shape, a Remued lamp-base, is known only from a shape-book sketch.

86 (or 98?)  (Early Series; PPP)    Small globe-shaped bowl with spiral handle.
Collection; 'W'
This PPP pot poses a couple of puzzles -
*  Is the incised number 86, or 98? Depending on which way up it is read, it could equally be either. Only this single example is recorded.
*  Several pieces of apparently the same size and shape (without the spiral) are recorded numbered 57 and 77. For a side-by-side comparison of all three see Early Series 77 (bottom of page). The explanation for this apparent duplication is unknown.