1. Introduction
2.  The beginnings; PPP & Remued  1930-1934
3.  Pamela Series 1934
4.  Early Series  1934-1941/42
5.  500 Series  1941/42
6.  Later Series   1941/42-1955
7.  'A' Series (post-1951) & Kerryl (post-1956).

Most Remued pieces were made in a series of standard shapes and had a number denoting the shape incised underneath. A single shape could be glazed in any colours;  colour was not relevant as far as shape numbering was concerned. The main reason for the shape number was to facilitate stock control during production and sales ordering.

Collectors of Remued face a confusing picture. There were hundreds of shapes and, as output and styles changed over time, numbering systems changed. Premier Pottery Preston's most productive years saw two main numbering series, 'Early' and 'Later'. There were also other series, including 'Pamela' plus others known today from just fragmentary evidence. When a complete new numbering system was adopted the most popular current shapes continued in production in the new series but received new numbers. As a result, the same number may be found on two or more different shapes, and a particular shape may be found with two or more different numbers. The situation is even further complicated by the practice in the early years of re-assigning disused numbers to new shapes.

The account given here traces the various numbering series in chronological order. It is set in its historical background, but the reader wishing to know more about the history of Premier Pottery Preston should consult articles by Catherine Webb, Gregory Hill and Noris Ioannou in the 'Gumnuts and Glazes' exhibition catalogue.

Some of the dates assigned here are tentative. For a discussion of  evidence for the dates adopted here, see;

   Evidence for dating the numbering series

Other topics regarding numbering;

   Suffixes in the numbering     

   Which series does a piece belong to?
                 *  Dating Indicators, including foil stickers.
   * Pitfalls, Mistakes, Imitations and Fakes

   The 'Alphabet' Series        

   A selection of un-numbered pieces
                 *  Some Question-marks and Mysteries.

Early Series
Numbered 46

Later Series
Numbered 46

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